Donut King – The Glove – Papaya




Donut King is a brand that reigns supreme in the world of cannabis. We combine the finest strains and extracts, crafting pre-rolls fit for royalty. Their commitment to quality, flavor, and experience ensures that every Donut King product is a crown jewel. Elevate your senses, savor the legacy, and discover true cannabis excellence with Donut King.

Donut King pre-rolls bring you the harmonious blend of The Glove flower and luscious Papaya extract. The Glove’s earthy and herbal notes set the stage, while Papaya’s sweet and creamy flavors add a touch of tropical delight. With a smooth burn and balanced high, Donut King delivers a royal cannabis experience, perfect for relaxation or creativity. Crafted with care, every pre-roll is a masterpiece of regal indulgence.


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